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Everything from this date forward is on the final. Likewise all papers are due may the 9th.

If you are looking for notes, there not here.  I have missed class.  But I will try to pick some up from a few friends and post them. A good thing that has come of this as Bro. Jason Curry has been able to set up a Burn list for a Cd that would give you all the lectures of Dr. McKeller in order of the date they were given.  So if you want one contact him and slip him a buck to cover the cost of the disc and his time.  

Quotable Quotes #1

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Matching – identify where in Scripture – the eyes of heart, mighty adversity, he is our peace,

Short answer describe the role of the members of the trinity in salvation
Concept of wrath:  is it compatible with love, standard of canonization in early church, basic breakdown.  Ephesians brakes down into two parts, doctrine and duty.

Love and grace – define.

my notes

one more set

Bro. Anthony gave us the hook up on his notes. As usual, I needed them becuase I missed the first part of classs trying to convert and upload.

Bro. Slack's Notes

More Notes

The test is comming, the testing comming be prepared.

Grady's Notes

My Notes

Chapel online

I have been asking since early last year about putting chapel services on line and it is happening now. So if you misss chapel or hear a message that you would love to share then just click below or on the link on the far right and they you have it.


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